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Simply fundraising.net will:
  • Allow secure Fundraising/shopping on line!
  • Free up your staff, parents or volunteers time!
  • Save time - No running to the bank for daily deposits!
  • Remove any need for you to repack and return unsold items!
  • Help you avoid collecting money, counting bills or rolling change!
  • Lower loss of income due to un-collectable money or NSF cheques!
  • Save headaches - Less distribution - Simply Fundraising can ship direct!
  • Collect the dollars for your group and issue a cheque or direct deposit as your profit!
How to Get Involved?
Simply register with SimplyFundraising.net - It's FREE.
You will receive a special code identifying that you have registered your School, Charity, Club, Association, Day Care, Sports Group or have individually registered as a Fundraising Volunteer with SimplyFundraising.net.
Simply spread the word: Letter, Email or use your social network contacts to send your code to all of your fundraising volunteers, friends, families etc. directing them to www.SimplyFundraising.net
  1. Your Fundraising Volunteer picks what item(s) they would like to Purchase or are directed to what your organization is selling.
  2. Your Fundraising Volunteer pays with Visa, Master Card.
  3. SimplyFundraising.net ships the product to given address.
  4. Your Fundraising Volunteer keeps the order or resells (i.e. chocolate) thus recouping any money spent to purchase the product. (Break Even)
  5. SimplyFundraising.net will allow the administrator to view the account in real time based on bulk orders, classroom orders and student orders. All products listed in Retail, Cost and Profit.
  6. SimplyFundraising.net will submit the profit to your registered group or charity of choice.

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  3. Simply Fundraising will contact you to confirm your information

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Welcome to our website. To start supporting your organization the first step is to select the group you want to fundraise for.

Once you have selected the group you'll be able to browse the programs and products available to support them.

While you browse the products, you can add them to our shopping cart. Once you are ready click on the shopping cart and complete the transaction.

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At Simply Fundraising, we are commited with wholesalers looking to purchase our products in big quantities.

To enjoy our special prices for wholesalers, you must be registered first. We are handling wholesalers applications manually at our headquarters. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-123-4567 and we will process your request promptly.

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